Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Regent Street, Sherlock Holmes and Olympic Park...

Apologies for not posting yesterday but we were late home!!
Yesterday it was raining in the morning so we decided to wait and go out after lunch.  We hopped on the bus to Marble Arch and walked down Regent Street.  Daniel and I had a good look round Hamleys toy shop and it didn't disappoint.

We then went on a walk to find the Sherlock Holmes pub as John is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Today we had our visit to the Olympic Park.  When we received our tickets we got a free travel card included to use on the day.  We took advantage of this and left early this morning going first to Tower Bridge,

We then had a quick stop at Whitechapel, famous stomping ground of Jack the Ripper. Then it was off to the Olympic Park.  It was very busy.  Lots of complaints that London is very quiet.  That's because they were all at Olympic Park!!!!
We couldn't get any tickets for the events in the park today, but it was great just walking around seeing the layout and the venues.  My feet and hips have never walked so much over the last 3 weeks and are aching.  Hopefully I will have toned up and lost a bit of weight!!!

We went into the Olympic Mega Store and treated ourselves to a T-shirt each.  John got a boxing t-shirt as this is his favourite sport, Daniel chose one with all the sports on it and I had to take the shirt with the British Olympic dates as they didn't have a swimming one like John's, they had sold out only 5 days into the event!!!! They only accepted Visa or Cash so I couldn't use my M&S card and get my points as it is Mastercard....

Well off to bed now as tomorrow John has Boxing at the Excel centre and Daniel and I are off to the Lion King, front row!!

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Bev G said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Can't wait to hear what you think about LK. Love, love, love it!