Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler Video of Owl No.3

Video number 3 in the Hoot 'n' Holler Cricut Lite series........
Owl number 3..................
More to come soon.............

Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler Video of Owl No.2

Here is video 2 in the Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler series.........
Owl number 2.......

New Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler Video of owl no.1

Thought I'd try out my new cricut lite cartridges. Decided to start with the Hoot 'n' Holler cart as it looks so cute..................I cut the file at 2.5" and had everything set to max. I stuck to the colours on the cart for my first go at these owls. I will use other papers next time I do them. These are the first 3 owls on the carts. Hope you like!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Zutter Dreamkuts has arrived!

My Zutter Dreamkuts arrived today which was very quick as I only ordered it the other day.
I went for the pink one even though blue is my favourite colour. Will have to have a play and maybe do a video tutorial on it's use.

Fun Friday Challenge - 25th June

This is the layout for this weeks fun challenge. When you have finished your sample click on the link below to add it to the mini gallery.

This is my sample for this week. I used Cherished moments cd from Chris Warner for the butterfly background and the decoupage section for the individual butterflies.

Funky Friday Challenge - My sample

This is my sample for the Funky Friday Challenge for this week. The details can be found at I have the stamp blog. I used a polkadot paper from the new docrafts cd, rabbit feet backing paper from Joanna Sheen Messy Rabbit cd and the baby stamp from Joanna Sheen Messy Rabbit range. I coloured it with promarkers. I used my nestabilities to cut out the stamped image and mount it. I also used my new Martha Stewart border punch on the paper strip.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Last of Cricut Lite cartridges have arrived!

These are the last of the new carts I ordered from the US. They look fab and I can't wait to start using them. No booklet comes with these carts just a recipe card which is simple and easy to understand.
Today I also bought a Zutter Dreamkuts so that I can cut my pages for my little notebooks quickly and accurately. Will also be good for my cutting for my classes as this can be very time consuming when I have 10 kits to make up sometimes with up to 6 cards each. Hope it comes quickly!! Love my gadgets........

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cinch v's Bind it all!!

Have had a chance now to play with the cinch. Here are a few things I have discovered. The cinch is easier for punching, and the hooks on the side for the bindings is great as you can lay them on as you go. You know exactly how to put the pages on then the covers to make sure the join is inside the back page. The Bind it all is better for squeezing the wires together as you don't have to look when you do it, it is sized correctly and gives the exact pressure to make a proper closure. The cinch you have to be careful not to press down too far or else it squashes the wire out of shape. I think I will keep my BIA for the wire squeezing part and use the cinch for the cutting and layering.
I am hooked, I have made about 6 notebooks now....
I was looking at the Zutter Dreamkuts today but will have to decide whether it's worth getting it for precise multiple cutting instead of cutting all the pages by hand. It only cuts up to 200gsm weight. I love my gadgets can you tell........

New cricut lite cartridges-first batch!!

This is the first of the new cricut lite cartridges I managed to get from the USA. Two very nice ladies on the cricut forum had these and were willing to post them to me. The lite carts are only available to Walmart in the USA which is a bit of a pain. I have managed to get the 6 carts I wanted from the 24 that were released. Can't wait to have a play with these. I am expecting another package tomorrow with the others I ordered.
May make some cuts with these and list them on ebay. Love the men's cart called 'Handyman' it has lots of cuts for tools, paintbrushes, etc.
I will only land up paying for 2 of these myself as my mum is paying for one for my birthday and I am hoping my husband will give me one for my anniversary and 2 for my birthday!!
I can't link them to my Gypsy yet as Cricut have not brought out the update yet. The carts weren't supposed to be on sale in Walmart until 1st July so the update probably won't be ready until then either. I can still use them with my Design Studio and the cricut itself.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

First project with my Cinch!

Thought I'd have a go with my new cinch this evening. It is easy and smooth to use. You have to watch as you squeeze the wires that they don't buckle too much. Unfortunately the bind it all wires I have are to small to fit the cinch. The smallest wires the cinch takes is 3/4" so I will have to sell the packs of smaller wires I have. The first few cuts were also marked with oil so remember to cut a few sample pieces first. Other than that I am very happy with my new purchase. Will source somewhere to get more wires the size I need.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I'm so excited it's here ... My Cinch!!

Great excitement when the doorbell rang and I discovered it was a lady delivering my cinch from QVC. I couldn't wait to get the box opened and have a look. I filmed the event. How sad am I!!! Can't wait now to have a go at binding something. Keep an eye on my blog for future videos and projects using the cinch.........

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fun Friday Challenge - Diamond Top

This weeks challenge is to design a diamond top card. This is a nice change from your regular square cards. I used a Little Claire stamp for my sample. I masked off the hedgehog as I only wanted the boot. I stamped it 3 times, I coloured it with promarkers and decoupaged it. The backing paper is from a cd by Chris Warner. I used my nestabilities to mat the topper.
I have included the instructions on how to make the card.
When your ready add your design using the link below.

Award Received!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I have won an award for my blog. Elaine has nominated me on her blog for this award. I think I now have to tell you 10 interesting things about myself and nominate 10 people to receive this award.

1. I have been a nursery nurse for the last 30 years and love it.

2. I love crafting and patchwork and quilting.

3. I won the Aberdeen Champion of Champions Grass Bowls rinks (4 people in a team) in 1994 when I was 7 months pregnant. 3 pensioners and a pregnant lady against 4 strappping 20 something men.

4. I met Kevin Bacon in New York.

5. I have walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and been on Alkatraz.

6. I was runner up in Popular Crafts magazine years ago with my entry for a new home card done in cross stitch.

7. I run a craft class in my home once a month for my friends to craft.

8. I was a card designer for Chris Warner CDs which were shown on Create and Craft regularly.

9. My favourite colour is blue.

10. I have 42 cricut cartridges.

I nominate the following people:

1. Lilian
2. Lynda
3. Sheila
4. Lou and Mel
5. Kath
6. Claire and Steve

Sorry only have 6 at the moment!

Second entry for Funky Friday Challenge!

This is my second entry for the Funky Friday Challenge. I used a goal stamp from the same set from Rubbadubbadoo. The footballer is a wood mounted stamp. The background is sponged to give the impression of sky and grass.

My first entry for Funky Friday Challenge!

This weeks challenge theme from Funky Fun Challenge was a football theme. For my first card I used stamps I purchased many years ago from Rubbadubbadoo stamps. I used a stamp positioner to line up the word stamp to make a long piece of text paper. The word stamp is all football words.

Introducing Harvey!!

Thought I would introduce you to little Harvey. He is a dwarf hamster. He is so friendly and cute. He is 17 months old and belongs to my son Daniel, although he doesn't seem to take much interest in him now. He likes the odd piece of carrot or apple. We have a hamster playpen which he likes to go in as he can run around freely. He is so cute!!!

Visible Image stamps are here!!

Just received my Visible image men's stamps this morning. Can't wait to use them they look fab.

Got postcard from post office yesterday with a customs charge to pay for items I had purchased in the USA. Think it is my blades and bars for my fiskars paper trimmer. Waiting for parcel to be delivered now. Think it still works out cheaper.

Had physio yesterday. Got lots of exercises to do. Have to try to walk a short distance on the flat each day, increasing distance gradually. Have physio again on Monday morning.
By the time I had my bath in the evening my ankle was swollen again.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Glittering an image on acetate.

A short video on how to colour an image with glitter on acetate. Your image needs to be stamped with stazon ink. Try not to let your image slide on the acetate when stamping as this will give a smudged look. If this happens use your stazon cleaner to clean off the acetate. This way you are not wasting your acetate sheets.

Have a go project!! June

Lovely glittered owl card!
This month's have a go project is a cute litte owl card. This was made using a stamp set by Dawn Bibby called Twit Twoo. The owl was stamped on acetate using stazon and then glittered using Art institute dries clear glue. The decorative papers were printed from Red Hot Bed's Triple Treasures Disk 2.

You will need:

A 15cm square white card.

Mat for card should measure 14.5cm x 14.5cm.

Main backing paper 14cm x 14cm stamped with branch around corner.
Decorative mat 4.5cm x 14cm which is stamped with a branch and punched along the bottom.

Mat 6cm x 14cm punched along the bottom.

Sentiment with mat.

Glittered owl or owl of your choice.

Now to put it together.
Attach your mat to your card.

Put your main backing paper on top.

Place your plain paper on top a short distance from the last.

Place your branch stamped paper on top leaving a small border at the top.

Put your owl on the stamped branch.

Add your sentiment and you're done!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cinch on it's way!!!

I gave in this morning and bought my cinch from QVC. It worked out slightly cheaper than CC even though I didn't use my CC voucher. You also get a starter kit with it which I don't think you get with CC. I can use my voucher for something else. I know Jayne Nestorenko is bringing out more stamps later in the year so I will keep it for that.
QVC delivery says 3 - 5 days so could soon be using it. My friend is interested in my BIA so that is great. Watching QVC craft day, nothing inspiring yet. Their postage is terrible. Last time I ordered from them I think I paid £11 postage and that was only after deleting some items I wanted as postage was much more than that. At least Create and Craft cap postage at £6.95. Still a lot but better than QVC.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

THE CINCH..................

So excited about the new Cinch binding machine. I have been watching videos on youtube and it looks fab! I already own the Bind it all machine which works great, but I like the ease of the cinch and the way you can punch only certain holes. My BIA wires will fit on the new cinch so no need to purchase any more for now. I have a £25 voucher in the post from Crafters Companion so as soon as it arrives I will be preordering my cinch from them. They don't know when they are getting it in so I will just have to be patient.

Today my Cute Companion stamps arrived along with my new Martha Stewart border punch. Tried the punch out and it looks lovely.

Then my Stampinup demonstrator delivered my stampers 10 order. Feels like christmas!!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

More new purchases!!

It's Sunday morning and I have already managed to buy lots of stamps from create and craft. My favourite stamp designer was on this morning with her new set of Cute Companion stamps. I have the complete series of stamps from Jayne Nestorenko including the Patchwork Polly set. I also have the full set of cds too.......She is such a talented lady.
The other set is from Visible Images stamps and are fab men's stamps.

Even though I can't get out and about at the moment it's not stopping me buying craft items.....thank goodness for internet shopping!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Funky Friday Challenge -Butterflies

Another Friday and another try at Funky Friday Challenge from I have the stamp. This weeks entry is entitled 'Butterflies'.
I didn't have the correct colours for this challenge so had to try and make similar on my computer. I used versamark to stamp a small flower background in a watermark effect. I then stamped the butterflies with Stampin Up 'Flight of the Butterfly' stamp set. I used the butterfly punch to cut out the large butterflies.

Friday, 11 June 2010


This week I have used a simple layout entitled 'Simplicity'. So get your stamps and embellishments out and start designing. When you've finished upload your design using the link below.

This is my creation using my new car stamp set from Little Claire . I used my promarkers to colour it. I used the new silver one to colour the chrome areas. I stamped and coloured it twice and then decoupaged it. The backing paper is from a cd by Chris Warner.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Good to be different!!

I used my Little Claire project stamp set from May to make this bright card. It could be used as a new home card or for someone going off on a beach holiday.
I used a masking technique to layer the huts. I then coloured all the huts the same except one. I used my promarkers to colour them. I used versamark ink to watermark stamp the huts on the background card. Click on image to get a closer look.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Happy Buzzday!!

I don't use my fimo very often but saw this Bee idea in a magazine. The insects, flowers and leaves were made using a fimo push mould. The backing paper, frame and mini card with envelope are from cds by Chris Warner.

Animal Train!!!

A4 long animal train card using image sheets from Crafter's Companion Boys and Girls cds. This card was an order I had and I was able to personalise it by using my graphics programme rather than the cd programme itself. I was also able to take the image sheets into my craft robo software and cut them out electronically. This saved loads of time.

Ideas for Father's Day cards!

A selection of male cards either for Father's day or for a birthday.
Fish card was made using stamps from Rubbadubbadoo.
Drill is also from Rubbadubbadoo. The screw head effect was done using a small hole cut from a card and placed over the mirror board. Using an embossing tool I ran it round the circle and then crossed it. I alternated the lines so that the screws looked as though they were sitting at different angles. As it is sometime since I bought these stamps they unfortunately don't seem to still have the pliers or saw stamps listed. I bought these as a set from Rubbadubbadoo.

Had the doctor again yesterday. Because I had to put my shoes on to go, even though I only walked from the car to the door and back again my foot was again like a balloon. Consequently I was signed off for another week with instructions to rest it again........ I am going stir crazy not being able to move around freely and having to stay put!!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

More new purchases!! And pain!!

Splashed out today and treated myself to some lovely new crafting goodies. Car stamp from Litte Claire stamps. A couple of Martha Stewart border punches. AnnaMarie cds, nestablilities and a guillotine. I also received my Little Claire project club stamp set today which looks lovely. Another item that arrived today was my new Doocrafts Daisy and Dandelion cd set. Feels like christmas.............

Tried walking on my foot today!! Not very successful, it blew up like a balloon and I had to stop into Boots and they advised putting on a tubi-grip. It eased it for a we while til I got home. Lying in bed with it raised on pillows and an ice pack on it.

Friday, 4 June 2010

My Sample for Funky Friday Craft Challenge

This is the first sample I have entered into any blog challenges hope you like it. The Funky Friday challenge can be found at I have the stamp blog.
Stampinup set of stamps used was 'Garden Whimsy'.


This challenge is just for fun to see what everyone can come up with. So get your creative juices going and join in. This weeks challenge is circles and rectangles. Follow the layout below and see what you come up with. Add your link using the link at the bottom of the right hand column. I look forward to seeing your ideas.

My sample is entitled 'Beside the seaside'. I had a good look through my boxes of stamps that have not seen the light of day for a long time and found these sweet stamps (Rubbadubbadoo summertime stamps). They are coloured with promarkers. I used the promarker purple to colour the mat so it matched exactly.