Friday, 24 June 2011

Quilt Raffle

Suddenly realised that I hadn't posted the photo of the quilt I am raffling for my school's funds. Better late than never. It will be drawn on Thursday the 30th June.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Child's quilt....

I have decided to sell some of my quilts I have made over the years as they just lie in a cupboard once finished. I love this quilt and have held onto it for a long time not wanting to part with it, but I have decided to try and clear out some things and this is one of them.
I will need to work out what it cost to make then put a price on it. The quilt I am raffling at school was so admired that my boss is wanting to win it. She asked if I took orders which I don't, but told her I have a few quilts I would consider selling. She wants to see them, one of which is not quite finished so I will try and finish it this weekend as we break for the school holidays on the 1st of July for 6 weeks.

The Snowman has arrived.............

Today I received 'The Snowman' cd and stamp set from Crafter's Companion. Being a gold club member it was such a fab price that I bought my friend a set too as we were going to share. She smacked my fingers in a text and insisted on paying for it, but I said no.
I noticed on the cd that they no longer put projects on there. I liked the project section as it gave you some ideas to play with. I asked quite some time ago about having the colouriser for the co-ordinating paper section too, so I'm glad to see that has been added.
The school has a Christmas sale in November so I will have to make up some cards to sell there. I would expect them to be popular....

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Father's Day card Cricut Decals

This is the first card I have made with my new Cricut Expression 2 and the preloaded Decals cartridge.
My husband loves boxing so when I saw the boxer I just had to use this image for his Father's Day card from our son Daniel.
I think I will be using this cartridge a lot. I think there is another Cricut Decals cartridge so I will have to look into that.
I used a border punch to give detail to the bottom of the card, an inverted corner punch and polkadot ribbon to add texture. I get most of my ribbons from here now as they are such a good deal at 20 rolls for £25 plus postage. They also have a stand when we go to the SECC.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

STILL SUFFERING....................

I am still off work following the extraction of my tooth last Thursday. I have never taken so many pain killers in my life. I am not one to pop pills and will only take them if they are absolutely necessary.
The infection is still coming from the cavity and is very unpleasant. I phoned my dentist yesterday to see if they would look at it. They said to keep taking the antibiotics and if there was no change by Thursday morning to call back. I was hoping they could give it a clean out like they did at GDen on Sunday.
I am still on soft foods as chewing is very difficult, even though I am chewing on the opposite side.
It doesn't seem quite as bad today although my face seems slightly swollen again, it is still early in the day though and I was awake at 4am. I am so tired with the constant throbbing, it just drains your energy.
Hopefully it is on the turn, 4th day of 5 days of antibiotic so hope so, want to get back to work.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

On going dental saga.....................................

I have been in pain since having my tooth extracted on Thursday morning. My face is swollen and my mouth sore. There is also something hanging from the socket. Early this morning I phoned NHS 24. They arranged for me to see a dentist, so at 10.15am I was sitting in another dentist waiting room up at the hospital.
The dentist said I had quite a bad infection and the wound wasn't healing properly. She asked if I got antibiotics from my own dentist when I got the tooth extracted. I said no. I told her about the pain I felt as the tooth was being pulled, she said it was because the infection was deep rooted that I felt it. She said I had the infection before the extraction, so can only think that it started when my dentist put in the temporary filling 3 weeks ago. I said I didn't feel any discomfort while the temporary filling was in and she said you don't often feel it. I asked what the white thing was that was hanging down and she said it was the infection!!!

She cleaned and irrigated the site, then packed it with an antiseptic dressing. She gave me a prescription for antibiotic and a mouthwash. Thank goodness prescriptions are free here in Scotland. Two visits to the dentist, two payments!!

Hopefully once the antibiotics kick in the pain and swelling will start to go. Not too long I hope.

I have to make an appointment to see my own dentist in a week to check that it is healing up ok.

Here's hoping...............

Maybe I will get a full nights sleep now...............

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Traumatic time at dentist.............

I had the dentist this morning to get a tooth extracted. I lost the whole filling a couple of weeks ago while enjoying a toffee. The dentist said there wasn't enouth tooth to save.
I got 2 extra strong injections to start. She left it for a while then prodded it. I said I could still feel it. She gave me another injection. As she started to pull it out I had to put my hand up for her to stop as I could still feel it. She gave me a fouth injection. She was having a job getting it out and the nurse had to hold my head still.
It seemed to go on for ages with me squealing as I felt everything she was doing, tears running down my face. My husband was sitting squirming in his seat as he had come in with me. He said he felt everything with me. The dentist had asked the nurse if there were any xrays in my file. I think she would have done things differently if she'd known what the roots were like before she started. I don't like dentist visits anyway and this has left me slightly traumatised!! I was shaking and crying when I left as it was so awful. John took me back to work to speak to the head but she was out as was the Dep head. The secretary suggested I just go home and relax for the rest of the day. Don't think I could have worked anyway. Special needs is hard work when you feel 100% never mind when you are in pain or feeling under the weather.
Above is a rough drawing of what my tooth roots looked like when the dentist eventually got the tooth out. On the left is my tooth, the right is a normal tooth. Hopefully no extractions for a long time for me and no chewing toffees!!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Samples on TV show!!

Recorded both Cupcake Crafting shows today and watched them this evening. Everyone's samples looked great. The cd sold very well. The images are lovely. I will have to make some more cards to sell at our up and coming school fair. They should sell well.
I had no pain when the anaesthetic had worn off which I was very surprised at. I had the paracetemol sitting waiting and didn't need it. Couldn't get comfee in bed though.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Minor op today!

This afternoon I went to the hospital and had a tiny mole on the back of my knee removed. I was on my back on the table when I first went into the theatre. The surgeon then asked me to lie on my stomach as it would be easier to reach the mole. As I turned over I noticed a huge TV screen right in front of me showing my leg. I decided I wasn't going to look!! I didn't want to see what they were doing. Instead a student nurse chatted to me as the procedure took place. I have a couple of stitches I think which have to come out in 10 days. I am just waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off and the pain to kick in. I have the pain killers ready. I have to take it easy over the next few day with no lifting, because of where it is. They didn't mention driving but may just take the bus or get a lift from a colleague.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My cards on TV Tuesday!!!

Was scrolling through sky TV schedule for Create and Craft shows and noticed that there was a Cupcake crafting show on Tuesday. I texted my friend Sheila to ask if it was our cards that were going to be on. She said it was 'Walk on the Wildside' cd so yes they would be on. Don't know if we will get a mention. Here are my samples.
The first card here I designed the backing paper myself using some of the images from the cd. When the lady who designed the cd saw sampled she decided to include it on the cd as a backing paper file!! Hope you can watch shows at 10am and 3pm Sky 671, Freeview 36,

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bowling today, NO crafting!!

Today I was playing bowls at Harlaw bowling club at Inverurie near Aberdeen. We get invited twice a year for a friendly match. We had a dry but overcast day which I quite liked as it has been so hot here the last couple of days. I was playing lead in a game of triples. Our rink won their match as did most of the others in our club.
Had to wear my whites, I am so glad ladies are now permitted to wear trousers as I used to hate wearing a skirt.
Not done any crafting today, now sitting watching BGT. Not really seen anyone I want to vote for this year though!
Thinking of designing and making some badges with the school's new E2 for the school fair at the end of June. Think they might sell quite well.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

First project with E2

Just completed my first project with my new E2. I made an Eeyore for a friend. It took a wee while to navigate my way around the icons and get the spacing right for the different colour layers. The only thing I noticed is that it automatically cuts each page in order, so when I went into alter the spacing after cutting the first layer it cut the first page again. I had to delete the first page image to continue to cut the project. The other thing I noticed about the new E2 is that it cuts my thick card stock with only 2 cuts. I used to use my deep cut blade all the time in my original E. I will need to find out which blades the new E2 uses, whether it is the deep cut blue blade or the regular red blade.
I also need to find out how you get the pre installed carts to show in the owned list on my gypsy as at the moment they are still red in the complete cart list.

Opening the school Cricut Expression 2

Yesterday I took the large box containing the new Cricut Expression 2 through to my classroom. The little girl in my class got really excited that there was a parcel and couldn't wait to help me open it. I put it down on the carpet so the kids could help. We took it out of the brown box and they were so excited to see the green and white box within. Once we opened it and took everything out I decided to cut something to let them see how it worked.
We cut an image from the Decals pre installed cart and the little girl took it to give to the head teacher. She was so delighted with herself.
I had a little play with the touch screen of my own E2 yesterday too but not cut anything yet. It will take a little time to learn all the new icons etc. Once I've done that I will make some tutorials.

The lap quilt is now finished and raffles are on sale at our school. I am hoping that it will prove successful and that we will raise enough money to cover the cost of the E2 and also buy some new mats, blades and carts.
Sorry I've not had time to take a pic yet. Maybe at the weekend.

Tomorrow night I am off to a stampin' up party. I am going to buy their mini milk carton die and there are some nice stamp sets too. I have a £20 voucher to spend so that will keep my spending down!!

Getting excited about our trip to Doncaster too. Saw on facebook page that the goodie bag that we all get now contains £100+ of goodies instead of £50.