Friday, 27 April 2012


After coughing for a week and getting very little sleep, I suddenly remembered that I used to have Vic Vaporub when I had throaty things in the past.
When my husband went out today I asked him to pick up a jar.
Well I can't believe it but I've hardly coughed since I put it on.  If I start to cough it's usually a few hours later so I just apply some more vic.
Hopefully this means I will get a bit more sleep tonight, I am exhausted and sore.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

STILL COUGHING.................

I am off work again today.  So tired coughing!  My chest aches, as does my throat.  It has eased slightly this afternoon so will see in the morning if I feel able to go to work.
Received my 'A year with Humphrey' cd and the one stamp I ordered.  I may get one or two more of the stamps but this one was the one that jumped out at me.

I watched one of the colouring tutorials on the cd while I was lying in bed.  Good camera work, nice and close.
Missing doing my crafting but would just cough all over it so will wait a couple of days until it subsides.
Yesterday I got my Close to my Heart stamps from my friend in the USA.  Can't wait to try them out. Thanks Bev xx.
Friendship Bouquet


Bee Happy

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sincerely Yours craft fair Ingliston Edinburgh

We were up at 5.30am to catch the bus to Edinburgh.  We decided we would stay on Saturday night but on reflection we should have gone down on Friday night instead and we wouldn't have had to get up so early on Saturday.  We had a lovely time even though I had developed a cough on Thursday which got progressively worse over the weekend.  I had to get some cough mixture from the chemist.  Today I feel lousy with the cough and a disappearing voice I haven't managed to go to work although I was up and ready to go, I decided I didn't feel well enough to cope with the job I do. It is about a year since I have been off ill and was hoping to get to the summer hols at the end of June without being ill, but it can't be helped. I am going to miss my trip to see the Osmonds tonight too but that's how it goes.
Lilian and I didn't buy many things at the show.  We bought some stencils to try with our indigoblue glue and foils. I bought the Ultimate Pro from crafters companion, I have resisted for a while as I have so many scoring boards.  I have the new boards from sara and need to lay them on one of my other boards so that they will be accurate so just bit the bullet.
Bought a lovely chimney sweep stamp from Little Claire.

Because we bought our entry tickets on line we got free teas and coffees which was great.
On Sunday we went to the Bead Shop and bought a few things there.

Edinburgh is a mess of roadworks all around the city centre, not very inviting for visitors.  We didn't even recognise Haymarket when we got off the bus.  They say businesses are losing thousands of £s.

We were glad to get home as it is very tiring shopping for craft!!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Laptop....

On Friday I was loading my new digikits for my craft artist software when it said not enough disk space.  This meant I now had to buy a new laptop.
My current laptop was a very high spec machine about 3 years ago with  4gb of ram, 2ghz processor and 300gb hard drive.
Yesterday I bought a new one with 6gb ram, 2.5ghz processor and 750gb hard drive.  Hopefully it will be a very long time before I run out of space again.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fish and chips baby jumpers.....

I answered a call from another blogger to help knit little jumpers for babies in Africa.  I finished them today and will go to Sainsburys later this evening to hand them in.....
Fish and chip baby jumpers

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mini notebooks

I bought a pack of 10 minis notebook from the £1 shop the other day and made these two notebooks.
Measurements are: 9.5"x 4.25", score at 3", 3.25", 6.25",6.5"
5 mats are 4" x 2.75" and they were run through an embossing folder.
I added a bought topper to the front.  Attach notebook using wet glue.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Jewellery kits disappointing...........

Selection of pieces
I have had a renewed interest in jewellery making since buying beads from the SECC and Beader's Companion BOGOF deal this week.  I bought miracle beads from the SECC and made a couple of elastic bracelets.  With the odd bead that was left I made another wired bracelet.

I don't usually buy kits and the kits I bought from Beader's Companion were very disappointing as all but one kit had enough beads to complete the set.

Ring and hook different sizes
The purple drop pendant had 60 beads short and I was unable to make the matching bracelet.  I checked the other 2 packs I had bought and discovered that the same purple pack was also short of 60 beads and the same pack in blue was short 100 beads.  The turquoise round pendant set seen in picture didn't have enough beads to do the earrings.

 The clasps were awful too.  The connecting link was too small to fit on the ring and would only fit on the movable part which was hit or miss when putting it on, the bracelet could not be linked at all as you couldn't hook it onto anything.  Although jump rings were supplied there was nothing in the instructions to say to add them.  Therefore if I change the clasps for better ones I will have to restring all the items.  I will have to purchase more wire.

Sits between not on ring
The only set that was complete was the purple chain set which turned out well even though I don't like making loops.
I have emailed them but of course with the Easter holiday weekend they won't get it until Tuesday!!

I would like to have a try at shamballa bracelets, I bought the cord but need to get some beads.  I have looked up you tube to find video tutorials on this, so will have a go soon.

My friend Lilian and I are going to the Edinburgh craft show on 21st April so hopefully we will pick up some shamballa beads there.