Thursday, 1 September 2011

New sofa trauma!!!!

Joined together photos of sofa
Got our sofa last night a day early.

Good job it came when it did as John would not have coped with the delivery on his own.

They said the main piece would not fit through the door and into the house and I would need to get a joiner to take the window out!

Luckily one of my son's friends dad is a joiner and only lives a few doors away. He came up and took the window out. They got the largest piece in ok, I said did they want to take the remaining 2 pieces in through the window while it was out and they said no the other pieces would come in the door no problem, so the joiner put the window back in and went home.
They got the smaller end piece in ok and then tried to get the corner piece in. It took them 10 mins to get it through the door. They then couldn't get it into the lounge as the angle of the door and the staircase was too narrow. They then asked for the joiner to come back again!! I said they should've taken it all in the window the first time. The joiner arrived and couldn't get in the front door as they had jammed the corner unit in the door trying to get it out. He went round to the back door and came in that way. He took the window out again and then had to take the front door off too to get the corner piece out again!! Eventually we had a lovely new sofa sitting in our lounge.
Nightmare, took them an hour.
I had been making white chocolate fudge and cheesecakes for my birthday today to take to work when they phoned so had to stop everything until they had finished.  Not a good mix baking and sofa deliveries!!

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