Monday, 24 September 2012

Having a clear out rubber stamp sale....

I have so many stamps that I have purchased in the past few years which I have not used, or only used a couple of times.  I decided to have a clear out and sell them on.  I will indicate which are new and which are used.  If you are interested email me.  Payment can be made via paypal or cheque.
All prices include postage.
Keep checking my blog as I will be listing many, many, more.....

1-New £2.50

2-New £2.50

3-New £2.50

4-New £2.50

5-New £2.50

6-New £2.50

7-New £2.50

8-New £4.00

9-New £5.00

10-Used £3.50 

11-New £5.00

12-Used £3.00

13-New £4.00

14-New £4.00

15-New £4.00

16-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

17-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

18-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

19-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

20-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

21-New Patchwork Pals £5.00

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