Sunday, 9 September 2012

New bowls and new glasses!!

Yesterday I treated myself to a set of indoor bowls. I have never had a new set of bowls. I got my outdoor bowls from my mum about 24 years ago when she bought a new set. It was hard to choose but went bold.... see what you think!! I have to wait a few weeks for them to come. I am getting a cat emblem on them in white. I haven't bowled indoors for about 10 years and had my first game last night. One I got my weight and grass sorted out I got on ok. I landed up playing skip with the way the teams are made up. A bit of a baptism of fire.
Today I had my biennial eye test. It took me a long time to choose my new frames. You got a free second pair but only in single vision lenses so I had to pay extra to get my varifocal lenses fitted in them. I have to wait a few weeks to get those too. I have never paid so much for glasses before, luckily they did interest free credit!! I was supposed to get fitted for contact lenses too but they didn't have them in stock. They will phone when they come in. I am trying a new type of lenses where you have a distance lense in one eye and a reading lense in the other. You're brain works it out!!!! Well I hope mine does!!


Bev G said...

LOL, when I read "indoor bowls", I thought you meant bowls to eat out of. I kept staring at it trying to figure out the shape. Then when I read on I realized you meant something totally different! I guess even though we speak the same language, different countries mean something altogether different. Enjoy!

lililindsay said...

I laughed when I read Bev's comment. I could have thought the same if you hadn't already told me about your new purchase.