Friday, 28 May 2010

Accidents will happen!!

Lying in bed today resting my leg! While practicing school sports with my class, I slipped and fell. I landed up in casualty where they diagnosed torn ligaments. I have to rest it completely until about Sunday. No crafting for me then! Two flights of stairs to my craft room!! Getting to the loo when required is a major expedition! Have a Stampinup day tomorrow so hoping my husband will take me up and hoping the hotel has a wheel chair so I don't have to walk. The bandage is on until Tuesday night. Will go see the doctor on Monday and see what they think about when I will get back to work.
On a happy note, I had the second craft club at work on Wednesday. We had 5 kids this time and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. They managed to make 3 cards and learned how to fold an origami shirt.
Gave in and bought the new Docrafts Daisy and Dandelion CD set. Just waiting for it to come.
Hope to post something as soon as I am able.
Bye for now.


Lou and Mel said...

Oh you poor thing. I fell and ripped ligaments in my leg when I was little and I was on crutches for (what seemed like) weeks. My teachers had to carry me up and down stairs at school (cool)!
I hope things get better really quickly!

lililindsay said...

You don't deserve the run of bad luck that you have been having this year. Let's hope that this is the last of it. Keep crafting - Good luck for tomorrow.

Lou and Mel said...

Forgot to say - W've left you an award on our site. I hope it cheers you up!

Anne Browne said...

So hope you manage to enjoy yourself tomorrow