Thursday, 4 August 2011

Make a gift bag..

A lovely easy gift bag for small gifts.  I made one of these bags at a Stampin' Up party where the consultant who did the demonstration was Elaine Brainwood.  Below are the instructions and video to make this bag.

14cm x 29.0cm piece of decorative card
9.5cm square piece of contrasting card
2cm strip of contrasting card (border punch one edge)
Piece of contrast for tabs
Tab punch (I used Stampin up round tab punch)

Score 1.5cm on each side of the 9.5cm square.
Clip one line on each corner, fold on score lines, glue or tape corners and form a box.
Glue or tape around bottom of box and wrap decorative paper around.  Stop short of joining and glue or tape the vertical edge then attach last piece.  Attach decorative 2cm strip around the bottom.
Your bag is formed.
Now punch 2 tabs.  Fold in half.  Place one either side of the bag.  Punch a hole in each and thread ribbon through and tie. (Fill with gift first)
Make a tag and decorate as required.

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lililindsay said...

I remember making one of these with Elaine. Thanks for the reminder as to how to make it again.