Monday, 1 August 2011

Home and crafting!!

It's nice to be home again.  Getting back into things like washing, etc...  I am busy finishing samples for the up and coming Cupcake Crafting show on Create and Craft on the 9th of this month.  I have just finished the samples and have been designing and printing birthday cards for the nursery at work.  Unfortunately my light cyan blue ink is striping in my continuous ink system.  I emailed the company Ink express to ask what the problem could be.  They said if I've had the system for a while it could just be wearing out.  I bought some new empty cartridges from them to swap over.  Hopefully this will sort the problem.
My cuttlebug all in one folders came today.  They came in quite a big box, once all the packaging was removed from all the folder sets they didn't take up much space thank goodness.
I made a bracelet in the bead shop in Berwick Upon Tweed while on holiday.  The woman in the shop cut the elastic and a wee while later I decided to pull the knot into the large bead for security.  Lo and behold the whole thing came apart...........  I have now sorted it and also made another bracelet I bought beads for in Dunbar.  Here is a photo of the two bracelets.....
Left Dunbar, Right Berwick Upon Tweed

I am really into elasticated bracelet making at the moment.  I think the first craft class after the holiday break will be making bracelets.  I got quite big bags of beads in Haddington bead shop which were very good prices.

£5.95 per bag!!

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Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Hi Suzy,

I had problems with my system and had to swap the cartridges. My advice to you is wear a pair of gloves and do it over the sink. It's very messy and took me days to get the ink out of my fingers.

Good Luck Sue xx