Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mini Milk carton video project without sizzix die!!

Here is a mini milk carton I made as a sample for a Create and Craft show.  I used a sizzix die to make this which was really easy as you can imagine.  A lady emailed Lynda Chapman asking for instructions on how to make it.
Here are instructions and video on how to make this project if you don't own a sizzix mini milk carton die.

Garden Delights Cd from (or any card stock or cd you want to use)
1 A4 piece of card (printed with any design you wish from the Cd)
Embellishments from the Cd to decorate.

Cut card to 17cm x 12.7cm (Dashed lines are score lines and solid lines are cut lines.)
Mark along top and bottom edges at 4cm, 8cm, 12cm and 16cm.  Score down joining marks.
Down the sides working from the bottom up mark at 4cm, 9cm and 12.0cm.  Score across joining lines.
Mark on narrow score line at top at 2cm, 6cm, 10cm and 14cm.
Score diagonal line from 2cm mark to right corner as shown.  Continue with remaining squares.  Square 1 and 3 only have one score line and 2 and 4 have two score lines.  At the top of the intersection of square 2 and 4 score a line across narrow piece.
Cut away bottom right corner as indicated in picture.    Rub away all marks.  At the bottom cut along score lines to first horizontal score line at bottom (as shown in picture).
Fold all score lines.  Sides of carton are mountain folds and diagonal folds are valley folds.
Tape flap and attach to the inside of the corresponding side.
Stick bottom flaps together.
Now fold in top diagonals.
Decorate as desired and fill with various gift ideas.
You can seal it closed or use a paperclip or similar embellishment.

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lililindsay said...

I will give it a go. Your instructions are very clear. Thanks.