Friday, 23 April 2010

Forever Friends Cds Update

Hi, I received my Forever Friends cds today. Installed the programme cd and created a layout on the screen. I went to print out what I had created and it told me I had to save it as a pdf file. Clicked to save then I had to put in the relevant image cd before I could save and print.
You need to save everything you do to the computer before you can print instead of just hitting a print button.
I can see why my friend was getting annoyed with it.
I decided to use my paint shop pro programme to see what I could do with them on there.
You can access all the images from the cds but not all the sentiments.
I can't really see me using the disks with the actual programme unless I want to use a specific sentiment. I will continue to use them through psp. I don't want to keep saving every little thing I create as I may not want to keep it. It's a hassle to keep deleting things once you've printed them.
On a final note the images are lovely and there are some great backing papers.

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