Friday, 17 December 2010

SNOW AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First picture is last night around 6.00pm at the front of the house and second is this morning about 10.00am around the back.

Can't believe we have more snow again. It's back with a vengeance!! Deeper than last time in a shorter period of time, and more to come they say!
Our school was closed today for the first time due to the dangerous driving conditions for parents, staff and pupils who come on school transport. The police were advising everyone not to drive unless absolutely necessary. Even the local bus station came to a standstill with no buses leaving Aberdeen. The airport was closed for several hours too.

Last night I left work at 3.50pm and didn't get home until 5.50pm. A journey which would normally take 25 - 30 mins. The whole of Aberdeen just came to a standstill as the snow began to fall very heavily. I decided to take the bus rather than walk the 40 mins to get home. A decision I regretted later.

We worked from home today. I have been recording a children's show called 'Something Special' which helps children with communication problems learn about their surroundings and it uses Makaton signing which lots of ASN children use. I have been making DVDs so we can watch them at school. Just finishing transferring last show on my sky box to my computer so I can make the 3rd DVD. It has taken a while today as there were about 10 shows to transfer, each 24 mins long. Then the editing takes a little while too.

Meeting my friend for lunch tomorrow which will be nice. May walk into town this time!!!

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