Monday, 18 July 2011

Home...what a great weekend!!

Well we're home!  It was a struggle with the luggage, especially for Lilian!!  She was even considering buying a rucksack yesterday so she could carry some things on her back!!!  She managed to organise everything in the end!!
Luckily we didn't have to move very far at Darlington station when changing trains as they were on the same platform.  We even got into Aberdeen 10 mins early!
The weekend was fab thanks to the company of my very good friend Lilian and can't wait until next year to do it all again!!
I've had an early bath and am now lazing in bed updating this blog.
I gave Nikki from Polkadoodles a couple of samples I had made with her new Cd.  She has left a comment on one of my posts saying she is adding them to the gallery on her website.  I am so chuffed with that as it was my own take on a multi easel spiral card...... thanks Nikki!!  I also made one for Lynda Chapman who I am a card designer for with the latest Garden delight Cupcake crafting Cd.  I have also made another take on this card by turning the easels so they stand against each other facing outwards.  I do have a photo of it but it is being kept under wraps until the release of the Cd from Cupcake crafting where the elements have been printed from!!!
multi easel spiral card
I am off on my travels again on Wednesday with another friend Allison.  We are off to Ayr for a few days so Allison can visit a couple of friends she knows who used to live in Aberdeen.
On Saturday I go on a family holiday with the boys....
I will then still have a couple of weeks until the schools go back on the 13th  of August to relax and craft!!

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