Friday, 29 July 2011

New Cuttlebug All in one embossing folders....

On Tuesday I gave in after saying I was cutting back on buying crafting items and bought Create and Craft pick of the day.  It was such a good deal and with flexipay it was a no brainer!!  I got an email to say it had been dispatched but hope it doesn't come before I get home tomorrow!  Hopefully it will come on Monday...
I used my sky remote record facility on my i-phone to record the shows.  I will watch them when I get home to get some inspiration.  I have several embossing folders but always forget to use them.  Maybe this set will make me use them more for textures on my cards.....
Yesterday was a treat as there was craft on Qvc which the tv at the cottage actually receives.  I didn't buy anything as the postage costs are too much......
Today we are in Dunbar, it is overcast but warm and once we are finished here in the library we will go to the harbour and have our lunch.
I discovered last night while reading Leann Chivers blog that there are not just the 72 full set of noir pens I bought from Crafters Companion but an additional 96!!!  Will have to save up for those............
Tomorrow and Sunday there are several shows on Create and Craft featuring the new pens.... Recorder is set for those as I will miss tomorrow's while travelling home...
I took my card making by numbers pad with me to the cottage and have been making up several of the cards from it.  There doesn't seem to be enough of some of the ribbons for the amount of cards that use them in the book.  I will have to see if I have similar ribbon when I get home....

Monday, 25 July 2011

Lili of the Valley new Christmas stamps....

Even though we've no proper Internet I have enough signal on my phone to get onto the internet. It is painfully slow but works. Therefore I was able last night to log into lili of the valley site at midnight and order a few of their new Christmas stamps.
They have more being released on 25th August.
They should be waiting for me when I get home.
Tomorrow at 9pm on ideal world is another pick of the day launch so I will be able to see some craft this week. It is a cuttlebug potd so I probably wont need anything as I have quite a bit of cuttlebug stuff.
I took some stamps and Promarkers with me so will do some stamping and cut them out with my dies when I get home.
I also have the knitting I bought while away in Ayr with Allison last week so I have plenty to keep me busy.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Arrived at the cottage...

We have arrived at the cottage and the weather is glorious.  I hope the weather keeps up for the rest of the week.
Unfortunately the cottage no longer has a freeview box which we got create and craft on it now has a new freeview tv which doesn't have c&c. I was looking forward to seeing some craft this week but not now. I will have to record it with my sky remote record facility.
I am working on mobile broadband which is proving very unreliable so there maybe no more posts until I get home.
We stopped off to see Sheila in Dunfermline it was great to see her as mot seen her for a while. Thanks for lunch Sheila!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

I bought Spectrum Noir new alchohol pens.....

Very interested to see what these new alcohol pens Spectrum  Noir are like.  I have bought the full set from Crafter's Companion as the price I got them for was so good.  I love my promarkers and will continue to use them, but these can be refilled so will probably not replace my promarkers once they run out if these new pens do the as good a job.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer crafting scrapbook page...

This is the scrapbook page I have made using my  Serif Craft Artist programme.  Not used it very much lots to learn.  Background kept moving around will need to find out how to stop that.
Crafting Girls!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Home...what a great weekend!!

Well we're home!  It was a struggle with the luggage, especially for Lilian!!  She was even considering buying a rucksack yesterday so she could carry some things on her back!!!  She managed to organise everything in the end!!
Luckily we didn't have to move very far at Darlington station when changing trains as they were on the same platform.  We even got into Aberdeen 10 mins early!
The weekend was fab thanks to the company of my very good friend Lilian and can't wait until next year to do it all again!!
I've had an early bath and am now lazing in bed updating this blog.
I gave Nikki from Polkadoodles a couple of samples I had made with her new Cd.  She has left a comment on one of my posts saying she is adding them to the gallery on her website.  I am so chuffed with that as it was my own take on a multi easel spiral card...... thanks Nikki!!  I also made one for Lynda Chapman who I am a card designer for with the latest Garden delight Cupcake crafting Cd.  I have also made another take on this card by turning the easels so they stand against each other facing outwards.  I do have a photo of it but it is being kept under wraps until the release of the Cd from Cupcake crafting where the elements have been printed from!!!
multi easel spiral card
I am off on my travels again on Wednesday with another friend Allison.  We are off to Ayr for a few days so Allison can visit a couple of friends she knows who used to live in Aberdeen.
On Saturday I go on a family holiday with the boys....
I will then still have a couple of weeks until the schools go back on the 13th  of August to relax and craft!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

All crafted out!!!

We have had a great weekend.  Our feet are throbbing with the miles of aisles of crafting goodies.
Today I bought a lovely set of house mouse stamps which I will make some Christmas cards with this year.  It is so cute I'm sure you will agree.  There was a lovely sample on the stand only thing missing were the instructions for the promarkers used.

After the craft fair we headed into town to hopefully get the ring I had decided to get with the money my husband gave me for our silver wedding.
We went round several jewellers and finally found the perfect one at H Samuels.  They didn't have the ring in my size as I have small fingers and needed a 'k'.  They ordered a 'j' from their warehouse and are going to re size it for me.  They had a sale on so I got an expensive ring for a good bit less.  They will send it to Aberdeen when it is ready which they think will be around the beginning of August.  Can't wait for it to come and hopefully it will fit!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

I met Nigel.....

Today I met my favourite Create and Craft presenter Nigel May after queuing for 50 mins .  He was very charming in the flesh!!!

I also met up with my friend Lynda Chapman and met the infamous 'Bev the Blade'.......
I almost managed to keep to my list with a few exceptions.....
Bought some more Lili of the Valley cute stamps, couldn't resist.....
It was a very tiring day and Lilian and I were glad to get back to the hotel to put our feet up.....

My husband gave me some money the day before we left.  It was our silver wedding anniversary on the 10th and he told me to buy myself something...
Lilian says I'm not allowed to buy craft I have to buy something to keep and wear.....
We looked in a couple of jewellers on the way back to the hotel but they were just closing so will try again tomorrow.
Was packing my case tonight to see how much I can fit in so I don't have to much too carry in my shopping bag.  Not looking too bad at the moment!!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Well the workshop is over and we are shattered!!!

We have had a fabulous day crafting with Stephanie and Nancy. We made 4 cards in all..... We received a K&Co 360 page 12 x 12 pad which weighs a ton but is lovely. We used some of the papers from it for our projects.
Lilian and I are a bit worried about how we are going to manage onto 2 trains on Monday when we travel home to Aberdeen. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the one train but we have to change at Darlington with all our luggage and bags......
We got lots of freebies including My Craft Studio large tub crystal glitter which I was intending buying at the fair tomorrow so won't need to now.... Cutting mat, ruler and a couple of craft knives. A couple of craft magazines, various tapes, glue and scissors.....
There were about 200 crafters there...... quite a busy full day. Lilian and I are shattered and will probably have an early night tonight to recover for tomorrow's shopping spree!!!!!! Can't buy too much as we are already dreading carrying what we have!!
Below are some pics of the cards we made and of the room.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

We're here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrived in Doncaster at 4pm after a 7 hour train journey. The journey wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. The hotel was just along the road as it transpired after taking a taxi outside the train station. We checked in and then had a stroll round the town. Everything shut up shop at 5pm or 5.30pm not like Aberdeen on a Thursday night which is late night shopping until 8pm.
We had our tea in the hotel which was very nice.
Now relaxing until bedtime.
The alarm is set ready for tomorrow's workshop with Nancy and Stephanie.
Let you know tomorrow what we made and hopefully post some pics!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Only 2 sleeps to go!!!!!

It's now only 2 sleeps until Lilian and I go to Doncaster. Have had my bag packed since last week................
I have all our documents ready for each part of our extended weekend............
We arrive in Doncaster on Thursday evening after a 7 hour train journey.............
On Friday we go to the workshops run by Nancy and Stephanie. Can't wait to see what we will make. I hope it travels well for the journey home as I have no room in my case for anything else.
On Saturday and Sunday we hit the craft fair where I am hoping to restrain myself and not buy too many items I don't need!!!!!!
I will see my friend Lynda Chapman when I get there which I'm looking forward too as I have not seen her since the beginning of March.
Looking forward to seeing a lot of the guests that are on Create and Craft who don't make it to the SECC. My camera will be well used. I am especially hoping to meet Nigel!!!!!
Well off to bed now and when I get up tomorrow it will only be 1 sleep to go!!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Silver wedding card...

This is the Silver Wedding card I made to give to my husband tomorrow (10th). I used my new Serif Craft Artist software to design and print the card. I used a photo of us on our wedding day. I like this software for making flat cards. I have been asked to make birthday cards for the nursery in our school. The software has various digikits suitable for kids cards.
I also have the Scrapbook Artist software but not used it much. I still have a lot to learn to use it efficiently.
My mum came round today with a card and money for us to have a meal. Will need to book something.

Friday, 8 July 2011

NOT IMPRESSED with Crafter's Companion

After teasing us all week about the launch of the new Popcorn Friends Cd and Stamps on Friday. I have waited all day to place my order. Because I want to order from Beader's Companion and Crafter's Companion on my £50 voucher I need to phone them to do it.
Not much chance of that now until Monday seeing as they close at 5pm Friday and don't open again until Monday.
I order quite a lot from Crafter's Companion and this has really annoyed me today.
Has anyone else been disappointed with the way this has been done?

PS: At 6pm the email came in to say that we could now buy the items!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Silver wedding anniversary!! Buy yourself something!!!!

10th July 1986

It's my silver wedding anniversary on Sunday and my husband has told me to buy myself something!! Well what do you think I should buy? Something for myself or CRAFTY items!!!With my trip to Doncaster coming up I told him I would wait and see if there was anything I saw down there that took my fancy. He hasn't said how much I can spend, maybe I will just ask him to give me some money!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cupcake crafting 'Garden Delights' Cd samples

CToday was the launch on Create and Craft of the new Cupcake Crafting Cd 'Garden Delights'. I loved making samples for this Cd as it was so colourful and sweet. I have added this Cd to one of my favourites and will be using it quite often I think. Below are the samples that I made and were on shows today. The Cd sold out half way through the 5pm show.

Friday, 1 July 2011


I am selling several of my quilts on ebay. If you are interested please follow this link to my ebay seller page.

Quilt raffle winner....

The winner of the quilt raffle was one of the ASN primary 1 parents. We raised £140.00 for the school funds. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets.