Sunday, 8 July 2012

Disappointed with new BT Broadband

I changed to BT Broadband on 15th June. I received an email on Friday to say that I had gone over my 40gb allocation for June and had used 30gb of my July allocation, if I go over they will charge £5 for every 5gb. I couldn't believe that we could have use nearly 2 month allocation in 3 weeks.
I called them and they said it was correct. I have now had to upgrade to unlimited allowance at an extra cost.
I told them that when I was with o2 I only paid £7.50 then £14.50 per month and had never been told I was over any allocation using my broadband. They sounded quite surprised.
I left o2 because I got my broadband for £7.50 as I was an o2 customer. I cancelled my own phone contract in January and moved to another provider. I got an email saying my broadband would rise to £14.50 unless I entered another mobile number from my account. My husband and son both have o2 phones which are in my name so I entered one of their numbers. This didn't seem to make any difference and the payments went up to £14.50 anyway. That's when I decided to change.
I am now paying £26 (less £9.50 discount for 12 months)to BT, the most I have ever paid for broadband. I will see after the 18 month contract is up if I stay with them or move to someone else. It's the inconvenience of changing all the email contacts over and making sure you don't miss any out that puts me off.

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