Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A lovely evening!

We arrived at kings x 5 mins late so just about on time. We bought our Oyster cards then set off on the circle line to Hammersmith. It took us a few minutes to get our bearings once off the tube, but with the aid of my phone we soon got on the right road. We arrived at Mairi an d Simon's around 6.15 to a warm welcome.
John and Simon hit it off straight away and spent the rest of the evening talking about films.
Mairi and I got down to more important things like where everything was kept, how to lock and open doors and window, etc.
We then went to have tea at a local Turkish restaurant which was very nice.
We eventually made it to bed about midnight.
During the night John went for a visit to the loo and closed the room door on his return. The only problem was with that was when I got up a couple of hours later I couldn't get the door open. I had to wake John but he couldn't get it open either. After a few minutes fiddling with the handle he eventually got it open, phew.....

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