Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ideas for Father's Day cards!

A selection of male cards either for Father's day or for a birthday.
Fish card was made using stamps from Rubbadubbadoo.
Drill is also from Rubbadubbadoo. The screw head effect was done using a small hole cut from a card and placed over the mirror board. Using an embossing tool I ran it round the circle and then crossed it. I alternated the lines so that the screws looked as though they were sitting at different angles. As it is sometime since I bought these stamps they unfortunately don't seem to still have the pliers or saw stamps listed. I bought these as a set from Rubbadubbadoo.

Had the doctor again yesterday. Because I had to put my shoes on to go, even though I only walked from the car to the door and back again my foot was again like a balloon. Consequently I was signed off for another week with instructions to rest it again........ I am going stir crazy not being able to move around freely and having to stay put!!

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