Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New cricut lite cartridges-first batch!!

This is the first of the new cricut lite cartridges I managed to get from the USA. Two very nice ladies on the cricut forum had these and were willing to post them to me. The lite carts are only available to Walmart in the USA which is a bit of a pain. I have managed to get the 6 carts I wanted from the 24 that were released. Can't wait to have a play with these. I am expecting another package tomorrow with the others I ordered.
May make some cuts with these and list them on ebay. Love the men's cart called 'Handyman' it has lots of cuts for tools, paintbrushes, etc.
I will only land up paying for 2 of these myself as my mum is paying for one for my birthday and I am hoping my husband will give me one for my anniversary and 2 for my birthday!!
I can't link them to my Gypsy yet as Cricut have not brought out the update yet. The carts weren't supposed to be on sale in Walmart until 1st July so the update probably won't be ready until then either. I can still use them with my Design Studio and the cricut itself.

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