Wednesday, 2 June 2010

First project with Forever Friends cds!!

My first project using my Forever Friends cds.
Running of the cds was easy and simple, although I don't like the way you have to save the design before you print it. I don't necessarily want to keep the layout for future use. Just gives extra work, then have to delete the file when you've finished. Don't like having to put in and out the cds either.
That's why I have used my graphics programme to design this card. Only downside is that you don't have access to all the files on the cd. The greetings section and the tags and frames section are not accessible unless you use the programme....... You can't copy and paste either so if you resize an image and want to duplicate it several times you can't. You need to manually resize each one you take in. I was able to crop the image that was on the side of this paper so I could just use the background. I was also able to make a mat of card the exact colour as the border image. I tried making this card with the programme once I'd finished making it. Much easier I felt with the graphics programme.

My ankle is slowly on the mend, getting the right position in bed is difficult. I have been trying to walk on it today, but it is aching. When I try to move onto the ball of my foot I get a pain up the back of my lower leg and at the front of my leg. Trying to keep it elevated as much as possible and using ice packs on it as advised by the doctor. I am getting really restless not being able to move around freely. Managed to get downstairs without too much discomfort to make this card for you. Don't know when I will brave the stairs for the next post.

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