Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cinch on it's way!!!

I gave in this morning and bought my cinch from QVC. It worked out slightly cheaper than CC even though I didn't use my CC voucher. You also get a starter kit with it which I don't think you get with CC. I can use my voucher for something else. I know Jayne Nestorenko is bringing out more stamps later in the year so I will keep it for that.
QVC delivery says 3 - 5 days so could soon be using it. My friend is interested in my BIA so that is great. Watching QVC craft day, nothing inspiring yet. Their postage is terrible. Last time I ordered from them I think I paid £11 postage and that was only after deleting some items I wanted as postage was much more than that. At least Create and Craft cap postage at £6.95. Still a lot but better than QVC.


Gift Vouchers Online UK said...

Your postage charge are too much dear.I advice you first collect all the information then go ahead.

lililindsay said...

Glad you got it cheaper. I'll have to see it in action some time.