Thursday, 2 June 2011

First project with E2

Just completed my first project with my new E2. I made an Eeyore for a friend. It took a wee while to navigate my way around the icons and get the spacing right for the different colour layers. The only thing I noticed is that it automatically cuts each page in order, so when I went into alter the spacing after cutting the first layer it cut the first page again. I had to delete the first page image to continue to cut the project. The other thing I noticed about the new E2 is that it cuts my thick card stock with only 2 cuts. I used to use my deep cut blade all the time in my original E. I will need to find out which blades the new E2 uses, whether it is the deep cut blue blade or the regular red blade.
I also need to find out how you get the pre installed carts to show in the owned list on my gypsy as at the moment they are still red in the complete cart list.

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