Thursday, 9 June 2011

Traumatic time at dentist.............

I had the dentist this morning to get a tooth extracted. I lost the whole filling a couple of weeks ago while enjoying a toffee. The dentist said there wasn't enouth tooth to save.
I got 2 extra strong injections to start. She left it for a while then prodded it. I said I could still feel it. She gave me another injection. As she started to pull it out I had to put my hand up for her to stop as I could still feel it. She gave me a fouth injection. She was having a job getting it out and the nurse had to hold my head still.
It seemed to go on for ages with me squealing as I felt everything she was doing, tears running down my face. My husband was sitting squirming in his seat as he had come in with me. He said he felt everything with me. The dentist had asked the nurse if there were any xrays in my file. I think she would have done things differently if she'd known what the roots were like before she started. I don't like dentist visits anyway and this has left me slightly traumatised!! I was shaking and crying when I left as it was so awful. John took me back to work to speak to the head but she was out as was the Dep head. The secretary suggested I just go home and relax for the rest of the day. Don't think I could have worked anyway. Special needs is hard work when you feel 100% never mind when you are in pain or feeling under the weather.
Above is a rough drawing of what my tooth roots looked like when the dentist eventually got the tooth out. On the left is my tooth, the right is a normal tooth. Hopefully no extractions for a long time for me and no chewing toffees!!!

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lililindsay said...

What a week you've had! I feel your pain.