Thursday, 16 June 2011

Father's Day card Cricut Decals

This is the first card I have made with my new Cricut Expression 2 and the preloaded Decals cartridge.
My husband loves boxing so when I saw the boxer I just had to use this image for his Father's Day card from our son Daniel.
I think I will be using this cartridge a lot. I think there is another Cricut Decals cartridge so I will have to look into that.
I used a border punch to give detail to the bottom of the card, an inverted corner punch and polkadot ribbon to add texture. I get most of my ribbons from here now as they are such a good deal at 20 rolls for £25 plus postage. They also have a stand when we go to the SECC.

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lililindsay said...

This is so cute. J will love it.
Off to have a peek at my Snowman CD. Naughty girl!!