Wednesday, 15 June 2011

STILL SUFFERING....................

I am still off work following the extraction of my tooth last Thursday. I have never taken so many pain killers in my life. I am not one to pop pills and will only take them if they are absolutely necessary.
The infection is still coming from the cavity and is very unpleasant. I phoned my dentist yesterday to see if they would look at it. They said to keep taking the antibiotics and if there was no change by Thursday morning to call back. I was hoping they could give it a clean out like they did at GDen on Sunday.
I am still on soft foods as chewing is very difficult, even though I am chewing on the opposite side.
It doesn't seem quite as bad today although my face seems slightly swollen again, it is still early in the day though and I was awake at 4am. I am so tired with the constant throbbing, it just drains your energy.
Hopefully it is on the turn, 4th day of 5 days of antibiotic so hope so, want to get back to work.


Lou and Mel said...

Oh you poor thing - it sounds awful! Get well soon!

lililindsay said...

Just keep thinking about Doncaster