Friday, 17 June 2011

Child's quilt....

I have decided to sell some of my quilts I have made over the years as they just lie in a cupboard once finished. I love this quilt and have held onto it for a long time not wanting to part with it, but I have decided to try and clear out some things and this is one of them.
I will need to work out what it cost to make then put a price on it. The quilt I am raffling at school was so admired that my boss is wanting to win it. She asked if I took orders which I don't, but told her I have a few quilts I would consider selling. She wants to see them, one of which is not quite finished so I will try and finish it this weekend as we break for the school holidays on the 1st of July for 6 weeks.

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lililindsay said...

How can you put a price on such works of art. Having seenthe quilt that you are raffl ing in the flesh, I can appreciate why your HT want to win it.